BOREAS klima is a manufacturer of air conditioners and dehumidifiers with a long experience of more than 25 years in the sector. The production and sale of air treatment units started in 2014 at the Istanbul factory, being in March 2017 when Boreas Inc. was fully acquired by Acik Group – a multinational holding company operating in the world of telecommunications and IT , aviation and defense, air conditioning and industrial structures and solutions.

BOREAS units are manufactured using components that are resistant to extreme operating conditions, are durable and have world-class certifications.

BOREAS units operate perfectly and without energy losses in critical weather conditions and have the highest quality seals: EUROVENT, TÜV and ISO.

The Eurovent Certification documents the technical specifications and performance of air conditioning and refrigeration products within the framework of European standards.
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The hygienic version of Boreas air handling units is TÜV-SÜD tested according to VDI 6022 and DIN 1946-4 standards. As a result, BOREAS hygiene units have been shown to meet both hygiene standards.
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ISO 9001 is a management system implemented at national and international level to ensure an improvement in the quality of the organization, increased efficiency and market share.
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According to these EUROVENT technical specifications, Boreas ranks ahead of the rest of the manufacturers.

The structure of the panel that forms the housing of the air handling unit is the most effective equipment that affects the general mechanical performance of the unit. The structure of the BOREAS panel is designed to avoid the thermal bridge between the internal and external environment.

The frame that has a higher mechanical strength than that of a steel profile, and that is lighter than an aluminum frame, is achieved by the use of rectangular profiles made of composite material. Due to the fact that the composite material has a much lower thermal transfer factor compared to steel and aluminum, it guarantees a thermal bridge class TB1 according to EN 1886 preventing the formation of thermal bridges in the joints between the frame and the panel, and between the accessories.

Boreas BRH & BRS
Hygienic and comfort Air Handling Units
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Boreas BHS
Pool dehumidifiers
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Boreas DC Master
Data Center Air Treatment
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Integrated control (opcional):

Boreas units can arrive in “plug and play” mode, that is with all wiring done and and all elements adjusted, with the power and control box integrated into the unit’s casing, so that the AHU is ready to go when power supply is connected to it.

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