SOLIDpower offers world-leading solutions for high temperature fuel cell mCHP (microcogeneration) technology (SOFC).

SOLIDpower is one of the world’s leading companies in high-temperature fuel cell technology (SOFC – Solid Oxide Fuel Cell). The SOLIDpower Group develops, manufactures and markets fuel cell systems to generate energy and heat in residential and commercial buildings, at its factories in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Australia. The company offers a micro-CHP (microcogeneration – combination of electricity and heat) system for the European market with an electrical efficiency of 60%, a level unmatched anywhere in the world.
In addition to property and business owners, SOLIDpower customers include energy providers, grid operators, and energy service companies that use SOLIDpower products in the context of smart grids or contracting projects, for example. Furthermore, SOLIDpower develops SOFC products for other application areas in international markets.

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The SOLIDpower Group is a company with international projection. The company has a large number of specialists in the field of SOFC technology in various parts of the world in order to further refine this technology, in order to produce and establish itself in the market.

The company’s headquarters is located in Mezzolombardo, Italy, which is the base for research, development and manufacturing of Fuel Cell and components. BlueGEN’s production plant and main site for European distribution are located in Heinsberg, Germany. The company operates its own engineering centers for further technology development and additional application research in Yverdon, Switzerland and in Melbourne, Australia.



BlueGEN es una unidad de microcogeneración (mCHP) compacta que se instala en edificios residenciales y comerciales. Se basa en la tecnología innovadora y ultramoderna Fuel Cell para generar energía y calor con la máxima eficiencia justo donde se consumen: en tu negocio, en tu hogar y en cualquier lugar donde la electricidad producida extremadamente eficiente sea necesaria.