Airmaster’s decentralised ventilation solutions keep the building’s energy consumption for ventilation to a minimum. Ventilation is only provided where and when it is needed. The intelligent, automatic control takes care of this. No energy is wasted for unnecessary ventilation. The ventilation units are demand-controlled, stand-alone units but can also function in networks and be integrated into a BMS system using Airmaster’s API, for example. The ventilation units use filters which ensure that clean air enters the room and filter the exhaust to protect the ventilation unit and thus its service life.

The total electrical consumption of Airmaster units is much less than that of standard equipment, which allows us to greatly improve CO2 emissions and by default increase the energy rating of the installation.

Airmaster solutions guarantee a huge reduction in project writing and calculating costs, which allows to improve the profitability of the project.

We avoid:
    – calculate distribution pipes or insulation,
    – reinforce the cover due to the high weight of the chillers,
    – noise attenuating structures that avoid noise problems with neighbors,
    – very likely we can avoid planting a transformation center.

We don’t need:
    – AHUs     – Boilers     – Pumps     – Chillers     – Control     – Ducts

Examples of Airmaster integration:


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